Thursday, February 16, 2012

Southwestern Glory

Are you one of those people like me who has a craving for certain things?  Like a Big Mac attack or going on a Noraholic binge?  There are times when I only want Chinese food or pasta (Fettuccine Alfredo is my favorite, and there are so many ways to change it, but that’s another subject).  Today I’m craving the southwest.  I love Mexican food.  It’s strange that I should since I really don’t like dishes that are two spicy (read spicy hot).  And authentic Mexican food uses a lot of hot peppers.

Photo Credit: Stock Xchange
Several years ago I went to New Mexico for a writers conference.  The scenery was beautiful and the dry air was strange to my used-to-humidity-body.  I found you have to drink water practically all the time.  But that and other visits inspired this table scape.

We found the cactus at the Grand Canyon.  This was another trip to Arizona.  As a side trip my son and I drove to the Canyon.  He found this giant glass cactus and could not leave the state without it.  We couldn't carry it on the plane (it's huge and would not pass the overhead bin test).  They agreed to ship it to our home address if we paid the shipping.  It was worth every penny and of course reminds me of one of the perfect days in my life.

It's made of small glass squares (which take a mountain of time to clean).  The glass is stacked on top of each other until it builds the cactus.  The edges are sharp so we tend not to touch it.  But it's so unique that whenever we have people over they always comment on it.

The plates and glasses are a bright color and with February being the doldrums of winter, I needed something that reminded me of sunshine and warmth.

And what Mexican meal would be complete without MARGARITAS!  I don't remember if they were the first drink that I really liked after I became of legal drinking age, but if not they were close.  I love them frozen.

My daughter loved it when I spread the chips all over the table.  She got to eat them.  And her Margarita was virgin.

Here's a full table view.  Well it's time to eat.  We're having re-fried beans, a taco salad, rice, enchiladas, chips, salsa, and beef tacos.

Dishes & Glasses - Dollar General
Charger - (already had these)
Cactus - Grand Canyon

If you can't be in the southwest, at least you can eat as if you were.  Enjoy.


  1. Yum. This is my kind of decor AND my kind of food. Your cactus was a great find. I can see why paying extra for shipping was a no-brainer.

    I'm with your daughter. The chip scattering was a great idea.

    1. I could eat it every other day. In between I need Italian, German, southern, and good ole American.

  2. I lived in the Grand Canyon state for almost 25 your festive table!

  3. This is really cute, Shirley! Just couldn't wait for Cinco de Mayo, huh? :-) You know you're going to have to pull the ol' glass cactus out again in a couple of months. It is really, really cool!!! I would have been SO fearful that it would break in transit! Hooray that it arrived all intact! The colors on your table are all a great representation of the Southwest! I'm a (former) Rodriguez, so Mexican food is always at the top of my list when comfort food is needed. I LOVE hot spicy!!! I eat habaneros like pickles! I like to drink the juice, too. It's good for you, especially when you have a cold. :-) Have a great weekend!!!

    1. No, I couldn't wait. And when eating one of those glasses will be filled with milk to cool down the peppers. But I love the colorful southwest. From the land to the clothing, everything is bright and happy.