Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pretty Feet

I always wanted pretty feet.  Mine aren't bad.  I've seen a lot worse, but they were never the truly beautiful toes and toenails that I noticed on other girls proudly wearing in the summer.

Recently my 10 year old daughter was invited to a birthday party at a place called Pinky Toes Party Palace.  It's a spa for kids.

 So if you have one who is -- SPOILED.

 Thinks (knows) she's a -- DIVA

And believes -- IT'S ALL ABOUT HER.

You are in the right place.

When the girls (boys are not DIVA's and not invited) arrive, they discard their shoes and socks and cover their clothes with either pink or white robesThe entire place is done in pink, green, white and black stripes.

Queens must have glitterized chairs to remove sneakers and socks.  All the shoes ended in a heap.

Their feet are placed in warm water (royal water, of course) and soaked.  Isn't this how every Fashion Queen begins her day?

 Once the feet are properly soaked, massaged, and lotioned by qualified staff members, the toenails are manicured and painted according to the choice of the DIVA.

From the feet area they move to the manicure seats and have their fingers receive the same care and affection as their feet.

These are purple.

She chose pink.  After all this is Pinky Toes Party Palace.  Pink is the color of the day.

The girls are ready to party now and the music is turned up.  They dance under the glittering ceiling ball.

Sparkles scatter around the room to the sounds or artists this author has never heard of, but the kids know every song.  And they dance.  And they dance.  And they dance.  The staff also leads them in an updated version of musical chairs.  With this game, when the music stops, so much the dancer.  Anyone making a move is out of the game, but gets to be a spotter for the next segment.

Before exhaustion sets in, it's time for cake and drinks.  So we move from the golden globe to the table under the chandelier.


Each DIVA gets a crown at her place so without thinking she knows where to sit.

The table is set for a queen -- for all the queens present.

Silver candles and all that bling hides the pink and green cake that will top off the party.


All parties must come to an end, so finding shoes and socks for the correct pretty feet takes at least fifteen minutes.  Then we're off to our own personal castles.

Source: Morgue File