Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Simple Table

The focal point to me for any table is the centerpiece.  I found this cookie jar on sale at a discount store.  I'd just made peanut butter cookies and it looked like the perfect storage container.

   I have other cookie jars, but I liked this one and the top had a nice suction to keep the cookies fresh.  We like them soft.  Our other container houses Oreo's.

This is the other side of the jar.  It has an apple on one side an a pear on the other. The creamy color of the background will fit into any decor.

To perk up the table I created the fan napkins and used colorful plates.

 I used white souffle bowls to complement the flowery pattern of the plates.  Gold placemats complement the chargers.


  1. GREAT napkin fold!!! Those bad boys have to be starched within an inch of their little lives to stand up in that position!!! I use that newfangles spray bottle stuff, so mine never stnad quite like that. I LOVE it!!!

    1. Alycia,

      Mine are not starched. The fabric is really thick like linen. All I do is wash and iron them. I have some thinner napkins,. They don't stand up to anything. It's been years since I even thought of starch, but thanks for the idea.