Thursday, April 2, 2015


By Shirley Hailstock

I saw this napkin fold as I was searching the web.  I loved it but couldn't find any instructions on how they did it.  After much thought and trying various methods, I finally stumbled on one that worked.  However, instead of three swirls there are four. 

This is the on I saw on a wedding tablescape.

This is the final one I created.

I used a 15 x 15 inch napkin.  The larger the napkin, the higher it appears, but the amount of starch you might need to have it stand up straight could make it so stiff your guests would have trouble opening to use with their meal.

This is another rendition of the napkin, showing a greater contrast with color.   Color makes the table more dramatic.

Below is a video of how to fold the napkin.  If you're really interested in the three-swirl napkin fold, check out my next blog.



  1. Thanks Shirley! My table looks great :)

  2. Very impressive! I can't believe you figured this out. You're right that there is NO instruction for the smaller, blue napkin (which is how I found your site). I think you could make a bunch of these ahead of time, and use a rubber band to keep the rolled up form. When you're ready to use them, just remove the rubber band and open them on the plate. (In case you're like me, wanting something fancy but not allowing enough time for things like folding/ironing napkins.)
    Thanks so much for this!

  3. I'm going to try it . I think the one you see does have 4 .If you look close you can see one of the corners at the base. Save your paper product rolls and use them to hold the form. Thank you.

  4. Shirley you're a genius! I've been scouring Pinterest looking for these instructions for a couple of months. Can't tell you how long I've stared at that picture trying to figure out how they folded that napkin. haha ThAnK YoU, ThAnK YoU, ThAnK YoU!!!!!